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What is Unipos ...?

It is a one-stop service that globally procures and provides products that customers need, such as specialized software required for research and development that is difficult to obtain in Japan, and the latest hardware that has not been released in Japan. ..

What is "Overseas Product Procurement Consulting Service"?

It refers to an integrated service that solves various problems related to overseas product procurement through information surveys and support, as well as obtaining overseas products after receiving consultations from customers.

  • Interaction with the manufacturer

  • Product survey

  • Preparation of purchase procedure documents

  • Import customs and customs procedures

  • License renewal

  • Overseas remittance / payment procedure


  • ・ Which license type is suitable for my use?
  • ・ I would like you to prepare the necessary documents for the purchase procedure ...
  • ・ When I was using the purchased product, something that seemed to be a problem occurred.
Unipos is a one-stop shop for problems related to the procurement of overseas products.

Unipos achievements

  • ・ Since its establishment in 1991More than 25 yearsOverseas product procurement know-how accumulated over
  • ・ Universities and research institutes with a track record of transactionsOver 400 nationwide..It is also used by many companies
  • ・ Overseas manufacturers150 companies or moreReseller certification from
  • ・ Annual5,000 cases, more than 1,000 companiesOverseas product handling results

We handle a wide range of products in various categories (research fields) around the world.

Handling product example

Features of Unipos


Eliminates anxiety and hassle about purchasing from overseas sites

If you have any concerns about purchasing overseas products such as communication in English, payment methods, customs clearance, etc., please leave it to Unipos.
Our staff, who have abundant negotiation know-how with manufacturers and know-how on overseas product arrangements, will safely and reliably procure the desired products and deliver them to our customers.


More than 3,000 products posted on the website
We also handle products not listed on the website.

We introduce more than 3,000 items from popular standard products to the latest products on the Unipos website (always updated).
In addition, even if the product is not posted on the website and has not been handled so far, we will provide it by investigating the source from the beginning and interacting with the manufacturer in order to meet the needs of each research and developer.


There are more than 400 educational institutions and research institutes with a track record of transactions nationwide.
It is also used by many companies

Unipos services are used by customers of universities, government offices, and companies nationwide.
Click here for transaction record pageWe also issue official documents (quotations, invoices, invoices) with a representative stamp for customers of universities and public institutions (we also accept payments for school expenses, scientific research expenses, etc.).

Overseas product procurement / consulting service
Tegara Unipos


PC construction for research and development, initial introduction of software,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in building the environment.

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