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Delivering products is not the only job of Tegara.
The biggest merit of choosing Tegara for R & D is that you can leave everything to us from a comprehensive perspective.

For example, by combining each service as shown in the following example, we will provide a unique service that cannot be found anywhere else.We will contribute to speeding up research and development by creating a one-stop state where you can start research immediately after delivery by properly using abundant service groups according to the research situation of the customer.

The service you used PC production x overseas product procurement

Tegsys x Unipos

Overview of this solution

Customer industry National University School of Medicine
R & D field Medical and welfare
Products for sale Machine for Stata
budget PC body 100 million yen + Stata license 70 yen

Contents of consultations and inquiries from customers

We received a consultation from a customer using the integrated statistical software "Stata", which is handled by Unipos, that it may take several days to analyze with Stata on an existing PC.When I asked about the current usage environment, I found that the balance between the number of licensed cores and the hardware configuration in the existing Stata license is not good.

After a meeting, we announced a machine for Stata with higher specifications and a Stata license that matches the number of cores on the machine side.We have also received requests to consider the hardware and software budgets separately.

・ For details on StataClick here for the guidelines..

Proposal content from Tegara

Since the software and hardware budgets are separated, we first considered a configuration that fits within the budget on the hardware side.
On that basis, we also proposed a core license estimate for the Stata side to match the hardware configuration.

Features of the products and services provided this time

Hardware: 32 core machine for Stata
Software: Stata NP 17 32 Core Academic

We carried out the initial setup of the PC and the installation of Stata so that it can be smoothly analyzed after the product arrives.
The warranty period of the PC itself is one year.

Points that satisfy our customers

It turned out that the number of licensed cores of Stata and the hardware are not well balanced.I wasn't aware of the number of licensed cores until it was pointed out, so I was able to understand the caveats of software and hardware deployment.

We were able to shorten the setup time by acting as a software installation agent.By being able to propose software and hardware that can shorten the analysis time most within the conditions, I was able to use my budget and time effectively.


PC construction for research and development, initial introduction of software,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in building the environment.

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