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If it is difficult to make a direct transaction with us, you can purchase it via a trading company.
There is no specific trading company, so please consult with the trading company with which you usually do business.

To trading companies

We support business with customers according to the sales style of trading companies.

With a trading company

To end users
Also supports direct hearing

Required for purchase, such as PC specifications and applicable licenses for overseas products
We will also respond as necessary to detailed meetings with end users and hearing of requirements.

With a trading company

Be sure to get a quote
I will submit it via a trading company(*)

We will never talk to end users about costs.
We will always present the estimate, including the estimated cost, to the trading company.If you have any requirements such as budget, please contact us first.

* However, after discussing with the end user and submitting an estimate,
Please note that this does not apply if the purchase is finally made through a trading company.

With a trading company

Delivery is also direct delivery
I will correspond

We can handle both delivery to trading companies and direct delivery to end users.