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Delivering products is not the only job of Tegara.
The biggest merit of choosing Tegara for R & D is that you can leave it to us from a comprehensive perspective.
We will build a one-stop state where you can start research immediately after delivery.
We will contribute to speeding up research and development by optimally using abundant service groups according to the research situation of our customers.

Tegara's Only One
Solution example

Tegara's Only One
Solution example

PC production x overseas product procurement

Because Tegara specializes in PC manufacturing and overseas product procurement, it is possible to make custom-made PCs with configurations suitable for using overseas specialized software and hardware.
Tegara can take care of all the complicated procedures for purchasing separately and the trouble of installing and setting.

Specific examples: Proposal of PC for Metashape, Proposal of PC for generation and display of LookingGlass 3D content

Tegara's Only One
Solution example

Demo machine rental x overseas product procurement

In the case of mass introduction of overseas products to embedded devices, one-stop introduction is possible, such as purchasing a large number at Unipos if there seems to be no problem after confirming the operation with the demo machine.
The best combination of services for prototyping.

Specific example: Operation verification of 3D cameras to be incorporated into our products and repeat purchase in large lots

Tegara's Only One
Solution example

PC production x support

Because Tegara has technical staff who are familiar with support, we not only provide the PC itself, but also support the introduction with + α support such as building various PC environments and checking the operation in advance with the combination of specific parts.

Specific examples: Pre-meeting, kitting, delivery support

Tegara's Only One
Solution example

Overseas product procurement x support

Tegara is trying to lower the hurdles for introducing overseas products, such as installing overseas software, which often has little information or only in English, and warranty support for overseas hardware, which is often worried about purchasing due to problems such as breakdowns. We will support you.

Specific example: Local installation and setting work of CCP4



Solutions for research institutes PC production x overseas product procurement

Service used
Tegsys Unipos

At Tegara, in addition to building the PCs required for research, we will build a one-stop environment that allows you to start research immediately after delivery, including the procurement and initial introduction of overseas software and the setup of environment construction.We will listen to the details and propose the desired specifications in terms of both hardware and software.This is an introduction to a case where the custom PC production service [Tegsys] and the overseas product procurement service [Unipos] are combined.

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Solutions for research institutes Overseas product procurement x support

Service used
Unipos Support site

At Tegara, we not only procure overseas software necessary for research and development, but also flexibly build a usage environment according to the needs of our customers.
In addition to construction and setup, we support safe and quick installation by appropriately following up on license applications that customers need.
This is an introduction of an example that combines the services of the overseas product procurement service [Unipos] and the general support window [Tegara Support Site].

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PC construction for research and development, initial introduction of software,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in building the environment.

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