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What is Tegara's TKS (TurnKey System)?

Based on Tegara's main services "UNIPOS", "TEGSYS", "Support" and "Consultation",
This is a service that provides turnkey systems specialized for each research and development theme.

In today's world where speed is increasingly important, "time performance" has become one of the most important issues, even more than "cost performance", even in the field of research and development.
TKS (turnkey system), which R&D researchers can start using immediately, is one of the services that embodies Tegara's philosophy of "helping accelerate research and development."

What is “TKS (Turnkey System)”?
Refers to a system that is built with an optimal configuration to achieve a specific purpose, and is provided with various settings preconfigured so that it can be used as soon as the power is turned on (TurnKey).

Features of Tegara's TKS


Turnkey system construction for research and development

Since our founding in 1991, we have consolidated the know-how we have gained through providing custom-made PC production services (TEGSYS) and overseas product procurement and sales services (UNIPOS) for research and development researchers, as well as various types of support and consultation. We will build the optimal system for research and development researchers.


Ready to use as soon as it arrives

In order to be able to start experiments right from the day of delivery, we provide the system with a complete set of equipment such as hardware (PC) and devices, as well as the installation of the necessary software and various setups.


Optimal setup

In order to produce the results and results that research and development researchers are aiming for, we will perform optimal tuning according to the processing content and deliver it to you.

Can be used as a “turn key”
Research and development/experimental equipment set construction service
TKS Division


PC construction for research and development, initial introduction of software,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in building the environment.

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