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Is it possible to buy peripherals, software, overseas products, etc. together with a PC?


Yes, you can buy it.
We are a custom PC manufacturer as well as a trading company of computer-related equipment and overseas products, and we have strengths in procuring products for R & D customers.
We provide one-stop products necessary for research and development, so please feel free to contact us.


Is it possible to pay for school expenses and Kakenhi?


Yes, we accept payments for various research expenses, including school expenses and scientific research expenses.
We support the issuance of various necessary documents as well as quotations, invoices, and invoices.


Is it possible to sell on credit (deferred payment)?


We accept postpay for customers of universities, government offices and educational institutions.
We issue a three-piece set of quotation, invoice, and invoice, and send it at the same time as the product is delivered.

If you are a general company and wish to sell on credit, please contact us first.We will examine it according to our own standards and let you know if it is possible to handle credit sales.
As a general rule, we do not support bill transactions.


Can you prepare the necessary documents for ordering?


We have a track record of issuing the following documents.

  • ・ A set of 3 documents for payment by public expenses, school expenses, and Kakenhi (estimate, invoice, invoice)
  • ・ Agency certificate
  • ・ Fixed price certificate
  • ・ Original stamp quote (mailed)

We may be able to prepare other documents, so please contact us first.


Do you have a distributor?Is it possible to purchase via a trading company?


We do not have any sales agents that have contracts with us, but there are many trading companies that have a track record of transactions, so you can purchase through such trading companies.


I would like to export to overseas. Can I issue the non-certificate (parameter sheet)?


・ Overseas products (Products handled by Unipos)

When our customers send (export) overseas products sold via us from Japan to overseas, there are many opportunities to receive requests for the non-judgment form and parameter sheet, but basically. We are not the manufacturer of those products, so we cannot make the non-judgment.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact the Security and Trade Examination Division, Trade and Economic Cooperation Bureau, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for details regarding exports, such as the non-judgment.

・ Tegara PC (Products handled by Tegsys)

Yes, we can issue a "non-applicable certificate" and "non-judgment form (parameter sheet)" for overseas export of PCs manufactured by our company.