Company Overview profile

Company Overview

Company name TEGARA Corporation
Representative TEL 053-543-6688
Establishment June 1, 1991
Representative Director Toshihiko SATO
Employees 41 people (as of 2024)
Capital 10 million yen
Annual sales 29 billion yen (fiscal year ending March 2024)
Business contents Overseas product procurement and consultation service for R & D (Unipos), custom PC production service optimized for R & D and industrial needs (Tegsys), WEB media management, support service, demo machine rental service, etc.
Membership, qualification

Hamamatsu Chamber of Commerce member, Yamagata Chamber of Commerce member

Qualifications for participation in general competitive bidding: Government, Shizuoka Prefecture, Hamamatsu City, Yamagata Prefecture, Yamagata City
政府 (Unified qualification of all ministries and agencies): Contractor code: 0000100045
Qualification type: Sale of goods (grade C)
Business items: Computers (217) / Office equipment (220) / Others (229)
Shizuoka Prefecture (Eligibility to participate in competitive bidding): Registration number: 02-100
Contract type: Contract, purchase or sale of goods
Main business items: Computer (02)
Hamamatsu city (Eligibility to participate in bidding):
Purchase of goods / Industry: Office equipment (2005)
Yamagata Prefecture (Eligibility to participate in competitive bidding): Registration number: 1211500
Procurement of goods and services, etc.
Business items: Information equipment (12) / Office equipment (11)

Notation based on the antique business law:
Shizuoka Prefecture Public Safety Commission No. 491280001679 / Office equipment dealer

Poisonous and Deleterious Substances General Sales Business Registration: Registration Number: Kenso Hama B No. 1-745
Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Import Business Registration: Registration Number: Tokai No. 10174

Correspondent Banks Shizuoka Bank, Hamamatsu Iwata Credit Bank, Yamagata Shinkin Bank, Yamagata Bank, PayPay Bank

Origin of the company name Tegara

The name Tegara offers a wide range of PC-related services.
It is derived from being a company that provides integrated (integrated) by one company.

Management Philosophy

Mantra* Mantra.A short word that can describe the value of a company in one word.Guidelines for employees who work every day.

Accelerating your R & D
Accelerating your R & D

Mission statement* Clarified as a guideline / policy that contributes to actual actions by further embodying the fundamental principles of a company.

We will continue to create a [R & D platform] that provides a wide range of support services to support the daily activities of R & D developers.

2024 Action Policy

"KGTS - Keep Going to Succeed"

■ Past action policy
  • 2005 Action Policy "Courage, energy, excitement!"
  • 2006 Action Policy "Honest, positive, big picture!"
  • 2007 Action Policy "Active, Challenge, Extrovert!"
  • 2008 Action Policy "Health first, Profit second, Sales third!"
  • 2009 Action Policy "Strong and Unique!"
  • 2010 Action Policy "Strong!"
  • 2011 Action Policy "Motivation, Planning, Going Through!"
  • 2012 Action Policy "Fun, Accelerate, Continue!"
  • 2013 Action Policy "Light, bright, and transformative!"
  • 2014 Action Policy "Correct, Wise, Choice!"
  • 2015 Action Policy "High quality is Tegara"
  • 2016 Action Policy "Will, Passion, Intuition"
  • 2017 Action Policy "Confidence, Trust, Team Strength"
  • 2018 Action Policy "Wide, Big, Fast"
  • 2019 Action Policy `` Positive Thinking, Platform Oriented''
  • 2020 Action Policy "Next, Evolution and Deepening"
  • 2021 Action Policy "Open a new era of Tegara"
  • 2022 Action Policy “Praise, Give, Give”
  • 2023 Action Policy “Novelty, Progressive Progress, Productivity”

Office information (access map)

Main office

Main office

211-17 Higashi Mikata-cho, Chuo-ku, Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture
TEL/ 053-543-6688

Yamagata branch

Main office

4-14-36 Midoricho, Yamagata City, Yamagata Prefecture
TEL/ 023-627-7861