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Delivering products is not the only job of Tegara.
The biggest merit of choosing Tegara for R & D is that you can leave everything to us from a comprehensive perspective.

For example, by combining each service as shown in the following example, we will provide a unique service that cannot be found anywhere else.We will contribute to speeding up research and development by creating a one-stop state where you can start research immediately after delivery by properly using abundant service groups according to the research situation of the customer.

The service you used Overseas product procurement x support

Unipos x Tegara Support

Overview of this solution

Customer industry Faculty of Science and Engineering, Private University
R & D field Algebra / Computer Science
Products for sale MAGMA license and Linux virtual environment construction support
budget About 50 yen

Contents of consultations and inquiries from customers

In addition to requesting a license for the powerful computer algebra software "MAGMA" that Unipos handles, we asked you about building a virtual environment on Linux.
Linux is recommended for running MAGMA, but I would like to take advantage of my Windows workstation to install it.

・ For details on MAGMAClick here for the guidelines..

Proposal content from Tegara

We have proposed to build a virtual environment where Linux can be used on your Windows workstation and to run MAGMA on a virtual machine.

Features of the products and services provided this time

We checked the current environment of the customer's workstation, adjusted the setup contents, checked the precautions for work, etc., and responded according to the following flow.

  1. 1. Requests, hearings about your workstation environment, and presentation of quotations
  2. 2. Custody / transportation adjustment
  3. 3. Install and set up virtual environment software on your workstation
  4. 4. Installation and setup of Linux (Ubuntu in this case)
  5. 5. MAGMA account registration adjustment
  6. 6. MAGMA installation and setup
  7. 7. Final operation check, report creation
  8. 8. Coordinating workstation return
  9. 9. Billing

* In this case, there was also an application for software registration, so we set the delivery date to 7 business days with a margin.

Points that satisfy our customers

There was a preliminary consultation to use the software in the optimum environment, and we were able to lower the hurdles for introduction.

There was appropriate follow-up on license applications that I should do myself, and I was able to proceed smoothly to use.

By entrusting the construction and setup, the software was ready for immediate use, and research began immediately.


PC construction for research and development, initial introduction of software,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in building the environment.

Contact us.