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Helping promote research and development in Japan is the significance of Tegara's existence.

"Calculation" and "analysis" in research and development, "control" and "measurement" in industrial sites ... Computers and information technology (IT) play important roles in promoting research and development and improving the productivity of manufacturers.
Our "Mission Statement" (shared values, action guidelines) is
"By searching, procuring, manufacturing, and providing computer-related tools required in the field of research and development both in Japan and overseas, we help researchers and developers to help them and promote research and development. By extension, to contribute to the world, and through the experience of such work, each employee will continue to evolve and grow into a human resource that is useful to society. " .

Tegara's business model is backed by the dramatic evolution of computers (personal computers) and related technologies since the 1990s and the development of the Internet.Higher performance and lower prices of PC software and hardware have a great impact not only on PCs themselves, but also on various genres such as automobiles, home appliances, and communications, but it also affects equipment and devices for research and development. It is the same.For example, a system for measuring brain waves, a motion capture system that measures and records the movement of the human body, a nonlinear regression analysis system for large volumes of data, etc.In the past, expensive and special measuring devices and specialized machines were required, but now it is possible to obtain useful systems and tools at a very reasonable price by combining personal computers, application software, and peripheral devices.
Looking at computers as computers, research has been greatly accelerated by the fact that machines with higher speeds than the former supercomputers can be introduced into the laboratory at low cost.In addition, the development of the Internet has made it easier and faster to communicate with countries around the world.Based on such social and technical infrastructure, Tegara is a company that specializes in helping to introduce useful R & D systems and tools (software + hardware) around the world (providing support services).

R & D is Japan's strength.
The reason why Tegara is particular about "helping research and development".

One of the motivations for me to start Tegara is that I was curious from a young age, was interested in mecha and its mechanism, and loved new products and technologies, and the inventions that were the basis for them. It may be.When I was a kid, I often disassembled and played with it because I wanted to know what was going on inside moving toys, watches, and home appliances.
Also, the period of so-called high economic growth, when the Japanese economy has grown dramatically, coincides with the period from my birth to high school (December 1954 (Showa 29) to 12 (Showa 1973). 48) Until November).
It was an era when I could see that Japan is becoming more prosperous, as home appliances such as TVs and air conditioners and private cars are becoming more and more popular in ordinary households.At that time, the new product had a "dream".
Japan, a small island country with no resources, has long maintained its leading edge in the world of product development through the creativity and ingenuity of the Japanese people, the dexterity of their hands, and the delicate attention.
I think that Japan must continue to put the utmost effort into research and development in order to take advantage of these characteristics.By providing products and services that are useful to those involved in research and development, we at Tegara want to "help" create products and technologies with "dreams" in the world.

I want to share it with my employees
The value that "enrichment of work is enrichment of life".

Tegara is a company that considers creativity, novelty, ingenuity, and collectively "originality" to be valuable.
I've loved music since I was little, but I'm lucky to be born in a good time when I was awakened to Western music when I was in junior high school and high school (1960s) and listened to the Beatles in real time.The essence of the Beatles is always trying to create new music and new sounds.Rich in ingenuity and ideas, and pursuing newness one after another to the extent that it seems to be self-denial in a sense, leads to universal creativity.
Moreover, he was doing it freely and lightly.That's because they loved music very much.
Every time they released an album, they challenged new music and disappointed the listeners' expectations.Because they themselves always wanted to try to make new sounds.
The cohesiveness of the team is also the basis of creativity.

I think that every job always has an "opportunity to create." "When you run into a difficult problem, you can overcome it with ingenuity, ideas, and wits." "Add one improvement to your usual work to increase productivity." "Make planning proposals to customers interesting with inspiration and ideas." . "
Only when employees can share such experiences will a great sense of fulfillment be created in their work.In other words, it can be said that the sense of fulfillment is the "fun of work."
Rigid ideas that are the opposite of creativity, and a uniform way of working that is bound by default rules or dependent on manuals do not make you feel "work is fun".I personally value flexibility, change, and "appropriateness" in a good sense.Perhaps the employees around me may be quite difficult (?) The work is "I like it so it's fun to do it" and "The work is socially meaningful and someone's I think it's best if both of them are satisfied.
Life depends on how and what you use your time and energy.Work is the person's life itself, as work time is probably the most central part of the day.
Therefore, it can be said that the company where you work is the place where you decide the direction of your life.
I would like to share the value that "enrichment of work is enrichment of life" with employees working at Tegara, and create and grow together.


Hobbies Music (rock, especially Beatles), traveling to Asia, mecha such as motorcycles, people such as reading and movies, FSX (Flight Simulator X), and all other new and unusual things (curious).
Biography Born June 27, 6 (8/1952/06) I've always liked airplanes since I was a kid and wanted to be a pilot, but I gave up because of my short vision and I also liked music, so I played a band (rock) with junior high school and high school. After graduating from the Department of Precision Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Tohoku University, he was in charge of product design for audio equipment at Yamaha Corporation. While playing with music as a hobby, he felt the future of personal computers, and after working for a patent information service company, became independent and founded Tegara in 08 with two Canadians.
Handling a wide range of overseas products and unique new products, and providing custom-made custom computers have consistently been Tegara's core business since its inception.
motto It is important to have a good image that you believe that there are flowers on your way, that you will not get up even if you fall, you will not know unless you try anything, it is not work if it is not fun.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. YOLO (You Only Live Once).