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Tegara is a one-stop solution for various R & D needs as a R & D platform for R & D developers.

Many of Tegara's customers are R & D developers at research institutes of universities and companies.
So far4000 and overR & D from companies, universities, and research institutes in Japan have taken advantage of Tegara's services.
Tegara is chosen by many customers3 reasonsI'd like to introduce_______

To be elected
the reason

Utilizing a wide range of services
Made-to-order proposal

Currently at Tegara for R & D
We offer 6 services

By combining the above services, we can make custom-made proposals that other companies cannot.

For example, a PC is required to run the software, and specialized software may have the necessary conditions (memory capacity, high-end video card installation, etc.).
One of Tegara's strengths is that it eliminates the need to search for a PC that meets such conditions, and allows the PC to run the software to be sold as a set with the software.
We have a track record of proposing such comprehensive set sales to a large number of customers.

"Tegara will suggest the best answer for our research."

We hope that researchers will have the excitement and anticipation of "I'm sure if it's Tegara."
That is the first reason why Tegara is chosen.

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From trouble consultation
Until after-sales follow-up
One-stop support system

We, Tegara, are professionals who provide the tools and services required by R & D, such as "manufacturing custom-made PCs" and "procurement of overseas products," in response to customer requests and consultations. It is important to respond as much as possible by using the knowledge and know-how that we have.
In addition, we also offer consultation after purchase so that you can introduce the product with peace of mind.

It's not just about "making" and "selling."
A reassuring partner for R & DIn order to continue to be, Tegara continues to refine its cutting-edge technology every day and strengthens its support system.
From the beginning to the end of the research, Tegara can provide consistent support.

"It's okay if you leave it to Tegara"

That trust is the second reason why Tegara is chosen.

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Necessary for research and development
Everything is available
Reliable product procurement capability

Tegara's strength isRegardless of domestic or overseasWe have everything you need to accelerate your R & DProduct procurement capability It is in
For products other than those listed on the site,
"If you can handle such a product, can you handle such a product?"
"If you can do this, can you fulfill this request?"
Please feel free to contact us with your requests.

"If you have something you want, ask Tegara first."

"Tegara will suggest the best answer for our research."

Being able to help customers as a general contact point for product procurement related to research and development
That is the third reason why Tegara is chosen.