Tegara History history

Since its founding in 1991, Tegara has met the needs of developers and researchers.
We have accumulated know-how in providing computer systems.


Founded Tegara in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Headquartered in Sunayama-cho, Hamamatsu City

Initially, we will start with the development of package software "INFOSCOPE" and "Qucik-IPC" and the contract development of software.

Software personal information tool developed by Tegara [INFOSCOPE]

* Click the image above to see the catalog at that time.
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Around this time, the red triangle logo of the early days of Tegara was enacted.


Imported AT compatibles from the United States and delivered them to engineers of major manufacturers, and started assembling and selling DOS / V personal computers from that time.


Around this time, the weight of hardware provision will increase more than software development / V PC assembly sales will start

Moved office to Koyamachi, Hamamatsu City and opened PC parts shop

Riding on the self-made boom, opening a PC parts shop


Moved office to Hongo-cho, Hamamatsu

Small PC "TEGSTAR-Slim" ($ 1,000 PC) released
Since then, the original personal computer "TEGSTAR" series has been continuously developed.

Hamamatsu Headquarters at the time of relocation

First Tegster


Expanding transactions centered on major manufacturers in the industrial city of Hamamatsu


Opened Yamagata Branch in 4-chome, Shironishimachi, Yamagata City.Started trading with a local national university

The name of the Yamagata branch shop when it was first opened was Hiragana.


Yamagata Branch moved to 3-chome, Higashiharamachi, Yamagata City (next to Corp Higashihara)


Overseas product procurement service "UniposStart
Since then, the number of users will be expanded to developers and researchers nationwide.
Accumulate purchasing know-how from overseas Unipos

Yamagata Branch moved to 1-chome, Higashiharamachi, Yamagata City (in front of Yamagata University)


Delivery of industrial PCs for controlling industrial equipment will increase, centered on major Hamamatsu companies and venture companies.


Linux-equipped notebook computer "Excelino J04" released

Started "PC Anshin Honpo", a PC support service for individuals

Equipped with SuSE Linux [Excelino J04]

I had a shop in the city of Hamamatsu


Closed the shop and specialized in services for corporations

USB external RAID-HDD "XRAIDBOX" released

Started transactions with universities and research institutes in Aichi and Mikawa regions

At that time, there were few external HDDs that support RAID.


Started manufacturing and selling industrial PCs from Hamamatsu to the whole country


Delivery destination exceeds 200 corporations such as universities and research institutes nationwide

"Industrial PC Otegaraya", a website specializing in industrial PC production, opens, and Tegara's PC production service is disseminated nationwide.

Industrial PC Garaya

June 2010 Entered the 6th anniversary of TEGARA Corporation

Exhibited "MAXQDA" at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Nursing Science

New Tegara logo formulation



June 2011, 6 Celebrating the 1th anniversary of Tegara's founding

Promote "selection and concentration" of business and expansion of sales channels nationwide

"Research PC Otegaraya" opened, a website specializing in research PC production

Research PC Garaya


Yamagata Branch relocated to the current 4-chome Midoricho, Yamagata City (along the Mamigasaki River)

Registered in Yamagata Branch "Yamagata Lively / Child-rearing Support Company"

Started providing custom PCs optimized for overseas software (products handled by Unipos)
(We released a MAGMA dedicated PC as the first step)

We are working to promote the active participation of women and support the balance between work and family.
[Lively and child-rearing support company]


Moved office to current Hosojima-cho, Hamamatsu city

Unipos WebsiteRenewal

Started sales of high-performance workstation RADIC series for science and technology calculation


Released a starter kit for a small single board computer


Head-mounted display for VR Oculus Rift Development Kit 2 is now available for R & D developers all over Japan


Started providing machines for Agisoft PhotoScan (Metashape) and received a lot of feedback.


June 2016, 6 Celebrating the 1th anniversary of Tegara's founding



"Research PC Otegaraya" and "Industrial PC Otegaraya" are integrated to create and sell research and industrial PCs.TegsysReopened the website as



WEB media "Tegari" for research and developmentTegakariOpened


YouTube ChannelAnd deliver an introduction video of the products we handle

"" Regarding the services and products handled by TegaraComprehensive support siteOpened

Tegara support site


June 2021 Celebrate the 6th anniversary of TEGARA Corporation

Corporate site renewal

Tegara will continue to evolve day by day to help our customers with their research and development.

Founding story

Tegara was founded in June 1991 by three challenging people - Toshihiko Sato (current Chairman) and two Canadians (Ager Roger Todd and Tebbs Murray Sinclair). The three met in the early 6s, and as they deepened their friendship, they began meetings in the summer of that year to discuss the possibilities and plans for a joint business.We decided to focus on personal computers because all three of us were interested in personal computers, and we were particularly interested in the future potential of personal computers in the business field. The reason for this was that they would be able to make use of their experiences in software and hardware development, consultation, etc. that they had been engaged in.In addition, I thought that I could start my own business because I was familiar with both Japanese and American businesses and information.

Around this time, MS-Windows 3.1 released by Microsoft became popular in the United States, and in an era when personal computers began to be used in the business world in earnest, a full-scale GUI (graphical user interface). The era was about to begin.In the fall of 1990, IBM Japan announced DOS / V. The emergence of a new idea of ​​softly realizing a Japanese environment (2-byte code) on a PC / AT compatible machine with a world standard (open architecture) called DOS / V marks the beginning of the Japanese PC environment becoming a world standard. It was something like that.At such a perfect time, Tegara started up with the goal of making the world standard PC the center of their business, convinced of its future from the dawn of DOS / V.

At that time, there was a huge disparity between Japan and the United States in all aspects such as the price and performance of computer hardware, the price and functions of software, and how they were used, but even that disparity is not well known in Japan. It was a situation that there was no.For example, around the time when the latest i486 / 66MHz machine was released in the United States, the situation was such that the i486 / 16MHz machine of N company was finally released at the same price in Japan.In terms of hardware cost performance, there was a disparity of about four times.It was also said that 4-4 years were behind in terms of the penetration rate and usage rate of personal computers.In Japan, the era when personal computers were referred to as "5" of N company continued for a long time. Even though there was a situation that we had to become "local hardware specifications" due to the peculiarity of displaying Chinese characters (9801-byte code) in the era when the CPU was powerless, one company's oligopoly state for too long. The negative effects were undeniable.In the world, many compatible PC makers and parts makers have been competing for development and sales aiming for better, cheaper and more competitive products under healthy market competition.On the other hand, it can be said that Japan has been in a state of "PC isolation" for many years.And DOS / V was finally "the appearance of the Black Ships".

When Tegara was founded, a personal computer with a considerable relative price difference and performance difference between Japan and the United States was imported directly from the United States, and a Japanese environment was set up with DOS / V to create a personal computer with extremely high specifications and high cost performance. We have provided it to Japanese users.For this reason, it has been patronized by development engineers and people who especially need high-spec machines for development for many years.In addition, we will develop technology by promptly collecting and providing new technical information that has just been announced in the United States and other countries, and by quickly obtaining and providing new products of parts and application software that are not yet available in Japan. We have been helping and supporting.

Today, Tegara's main business is manufacturing and selling industrial PCs and research PCs, procuring specialized and unique overseas products, and supporting those products.All of this work has been consistent since Tegara's startup.In other words, the essence of Tegara hasn't changed since it was founded. Under the slogan "Helping accelerate R & D", by searching, procuring, manufacturing, and providing computer-related tools required in the field of R & D both domestically and internationally, each research and developer We believe that the significance of Tegara's existence is to help our customers and, by extension, to support the promotion of research and development in Japan and around the world.