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Tegara provides various services for R & D customers.Please choose the most suitable service according to your purpose and request.

Procurement of overseas products for R & D
Consulting service

For those who have such a purpose and worries ...

  • ・ There are software / hardware products that are difficult to obtain in Japan, and we are looking for a business partner to obtain.
  • ・ I have an overseas product that I want to obtain, but I am worried about the exchange and payment procedures in English.
  • ・ I want to know the best product for my research and development from among many options including those made overseas.

Optimized for R & D and industrial needs
Custom PC production service

For those who have such a purpose and worries ...

  • ・ I want you to propose a machine configuration suitable for the software you use.
  • ・ I want you to consider the machine configuration within the specified conditions such as specifications and budget.
  • ・ I want you to flexibly support software installation and installation setting work.
  • ・ I would like advice from experts regarding the introduction of the machine configuration that I think of.

Can be used as a “turn key”
Research and development/experimental equipment set construction service

For those who have such a purpose and worries ...

  • ・I want to start an experiment right away, but it takes time to set up the equipment.
  • ・I want to obtain a complete set of equipment necessary for research and development in one place, including hardware, software, and support.
  • ・I want to immediately obtain a solution with the optimal environment for producing results.

Disseminate the "trick" of research and development
WEB media

For those who have such a purpose and worries ...

  • ・ I'm looking for information that will give me hints for research and development.
  • ・ I want to know the latest information on the latest products, tools, and know-how.
  • ・ I am looking for a site that can comprehensively collect information useful for building a research and development environment.

For products and services handled by Tegara
Comprehensive support window

For those who have such a purpose and worries ...

  • ・ I want to know FAQ information about products before purchase in advance.
  • ・ I want you to support problem solving according to your environment and needs.
  • ・ I want to inquire about troubles or questions about purchased products.

Rental service for R & D

For those who have such a purpose and worries ...

  • ・ I want to evaluate and test on an actual machine before purchasing an overseas product.
  • ・ I want to check with a demo machine whether the requirements I want to achieve are met.
  • ・ I want to compare and verify multiple products and select the one that I actually purchase.


PC construction for research and development, initial introduction of software,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in building the environment.

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