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Corporate Philosophy Accelerating your  R & D

We, TEGARA Corporation, are aimed at R & D customers nationwide.
Integrated services such as procurement and sales of specialized products, information provision, and support R & D platformIs forming.
In the field of R & D where speed is valuable, we help our customers to speed up their R & D.
As a resultHelp promote research and development in Japan and around the worldTo doTegara's mission.

  • Why Tegara is chosen by R & D

    Why Tegara is chosen by R & D

    We would like to introduce to R & D partners in Japan and around the world why Tegara is selected as a research and development partner.

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  • Message from the President

    What is Tegara's "raison d'etre (meaning of existence)"? What are “valuable values”?A message from Chairman Sato.

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  • Tegara History

    Since its founding in 1991, Tegara has accumulated know-how in providing computer systems that meet the needs of researchers and developers.

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  • Company Overview

    About Tegara's corporate profile.Origin of company name, access map, etc.

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  • Trading performance

    A list of major business partners.Information is being updated at any time.

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  • About transactions via trading companies

    If it is difficult to make a direct transaction with us, you can purchase it via a trading company.In addition, we also introduce information on transactions with our company for trading companies here.

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