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What is Tegsys ...?

High-spec PCs for calculation and analysis, PCs for controlling and embedding special equipment, etc.
We manufacture custom-made PCs that meet the needs of our customers.
Unlike mail-order BTO PCs, this service listens to customers' usages and usage environments and proposes PCs with optimal specifications to suit them.

For example, we are good at manufacturing PCs with the following uses and features.

On the Tegsys website, some of the specifications proposed based on the consultations received from customers are introduced as "PC proposal examples".

Example of proposal: Machine for gene expression analysis Proposal example

Content of consultation from customers

I want a machine to analyze experimental data on genes.
The software used is Cell Ranger, and I would like to have specifications that exceed the environment recommended by the software.
I want the configuration to be designed for future memory expansion.

Suggestions from Tegara

We have prepared a quote for the configuration with AMD Threadripper Pro.
The system requirements recommended by GENOMICS, the provider of CellRanger, suggest that it is desirable to have 1GB of memory per core, so we have selected a CPU and memory capacity that can meet that requirement.
In addition, an empty slot is secured to support future memory expansion.Not only the memory but also the CPU can be changed to higher specifications.

In this way, we will propose the optimum specifications according to each customer's request.

For a list of other cases
Have a look at this

Features of Tegsys


Made-to-order PC production

We provide proposal-type custom-made PCs that are designed and manufactured according to customer requirements.

What is a proposal type?

  • ・ I want to know what the optimal configuration is for this kind of processing.
  • ・ Are there any PCs for this purpose?
  • ・ I want the best PC that can be purchased within this budget
  • ・ I want you to make a custom-made PC with such a configuration and conditions.

Each customer has different requirements for a computer.Based on the customer's request, Tegara will utilize the know-how accumulated over 25 years to carefully consider and propose what kind of computer is most suitable for each customer.


Quick suggestion

Basically, we can give you a quote from the day you make an inquiry to the next business day (*).
Our technical consultant with abundant experience and knowledge will consider the composition.
(Please note that it may take longer depending on the specifications).


Flexible support system

  • ・ In order to confirm compatibility with the usage environment, we are actively renting out evaluation machines and prototyping for free.Click here for details
  • ・ We support payment terms and document issuance for universities and government offices.
    (3-piece set of quotation, invoice, invoice, list price certificate, direct sales certificate, catalog, etc.)
  • ・ The warranty period can be extended up to 5 years.Please see the support system for details.

We also support shipping after implementation according to customer's request, such as setup of software used, environment construction, operation verification, etc.
An example of the response record isHave a look at this

Research and industrial PC production and sales services


PC construction for research and development, initial introduction of software,
Please feel free to contact us if you have any problems in building the environment.

Contact us.